Chinese Dragon Symbolism: Life Under the Dragon’s Spell

chinese dragon symbolism

Chinese Dragon Symbolism: Meaning and Influence in your Life

In the ancient culture of the Chinese people, the Chinese dragon symbolism has a lot of powerful meanings that are there to support people ways lives. In most of the sense, the dragons in this area symbolize the pure power of benevolence. Remember that the dragons in the Chinese are mythical creatures. Also, they have such powerful, resounding symbolic meanings. The dragons usually have long snake-like bodies with scales on their bodies. Plus, they also have some limbs to help the walk.

However, some of the Chinese people believe that some of their dragons were able to fly. This means that the energy or the chi that they represent is positive. The Chinese would use the power of the dragons to summon rains. This is because they had the power to influence water. The Chinese dragon is visible in many parts of their people’s lives. Therefore, it is all over the culture and the decorations in China.

The Chinese people from the old day had the belief that their ancestors were born from the power of dragons. These two elders were, Yandi Huangdi. This is why the Chinese people believe that they are descendant of the Dragon. There are different ways that Chinese people use to celebrate their holidays. Some of these are the dragon dance for the new year and the dragon boat racing for Dragon boat festival.

The Symbolism of the Chinese Dragons

As per the tale of the ancient Chinese, there are about nine significant dragons that appear almost everywhere across their culture. Also, there are the different symbolic meaning of the Chinese dragons that attach to each one of them. The Chinese dragon is heavily present in parts of their lives. They appear in almost every bit of their lives and culture. For example, some of the look on, fiddle, bells, gongs, books, doorways, temples and even on weapons. When you have the symbol of the Chinese dragon on something, then it automatically becomes a good luck charm. This is because the Chinese dragons are nothing but full of positive Qi. Here are some of the dragons that we are going to look at in this article and their significance in the Chinese culture.

The Symbolism of the Dragon King

This is the ancient ruler of the Chinese waters or seas. It is one of the most powerful of all the dragons and is usually a combination of four other dragons. They have a tight grip on the waters; therefore, they are the water totems. This means that they have the fluidity of the water animal totems. Plus, they represent the power of the seas and the destruction or havoc it can bring in one life. However, if it is your symbol, then you can channel it potency to your needs. By the fact that is made up of four dragons, it means that there is the essence of unity. This is one of the traits that you can copy to help handle your group work in life.

The Meaning of the Horned Dragon

This is yet another mighty dragon from Chinese culture. Although it has such a scary look, the dragon is never thought of as evil at all. Its other name is Lung. Can you believe that this dragon as potent as it is deaf? Yes, believe it. The symbolism of this dragon shows the people that have a disability that one’s inner power doesn’t rely on their limitations.  They can explore and achieve much more just by having the will to do what they want.

The Symbolic Significance of the Celestial Dragon

This the “T’ien Lung” dragon. It is one of the most revered ancient dragons in Chinese culture. It has it home up in the sky. The Chinese people had the belief that this dragon had the critical job of guarding the heavens. It had the particular role of making sure that the heavenly beings did not fall to earth. This dragon links the realm of men to that of the Celestial Beings. By being the gatekeeper of the heavens, it is also true to say that it was the pathway for men into the realm of the gods.

The Spiritual Dragon Symbol

In the world of the gods, this dragon has the most important task of proving humans with water. Although, it was also the dragon responsible for wind. Rain and wind are some of the sacred element of the world from the earth. Therefore, they have a lot of powerful symbolism of their own. One can say that it was also the guardian of the gods that was responsible for the continuity of life in Chinese culture.

chinese dragon symbolism

The Yellow Dragons Meaning

Yellow is one of the colors of the earth that equates to one being lucky. Therefore, the yellow dragons were the symbol of luck to the numerous ancient Chinese. It was also a dragon of the water. Consequently, it would bring a lot of good luck to the people by the sea and sailors.

The Symbolism of the Dragons of Hidden Treasures

I know you must have heard of the dragon’s treasure one in your life even from those stories from your childhood. In some sense, the dragon of hidden treasure was always there to protect the wealth it has. In some way, people would charge them to be their guard dogs. Since the dragon was a myth, the treasure that it is guarding was thought of to be cursed. So many people would avoid going near such a place.


Many Chinese dragons can be your good luck charm if you decide to take one as our symbol. The Chinse dragons are never evil and live happily among the people and their gods.

Moreover, they are don’t breathe fire like some in the ancient world of the Europeans. However, it is essential to remember that you need to explore the meaning and the significance of the Chinese dragon symbolism. Plus, they will help you comprehend the Chinese culture and why the value the dragons so much.

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